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Team Deposits for National Duals

Paying For Your Teams

If you are paying your Team Deposit(s), please use the button below to pay. You can enter and pay for more than one team. Your deposits will be added to a shopping cart and totaled to permit a single payment for multiple teams. You can pay with a Credit Card (via PayPal) or with a PayPal account. PLEASE BE SURE TO ENTER THE NAME OF YOUR TEAM(S) in the box above the Buy Now button for each of the teams you are making deposits for. Thank you!


  • "Team Deposit 2019" Drop Down Box:
    • Select Elementary School Team or Middle School Team
  • "FULL Team Name" Text Field:
    • Enter the FULL NAME of the team you're paying the deposit for
    • Click on "Add to Cart" button
Team Deposit, 2019, $300.00
FULL Team Name

When you add an item, typically your browser will open another tab displaying a PayPal screen showing what you've purchased (your CART). You may have to click on that tab to view your CART. At any point, after a short 5 - 10 second delay (depending on your Internet connection speed), the item will show up in your CART, showing the details of your purchase, including the total amount.

Team Deposits are $300.00 for the 2019 event.

  • Middle School
  • Elementary School

Teams are added to the tournament on a first-come, first-served basis. The sooner you make your deposit, the sooner you lock up a spot in the tournament.

This year's tournament is once again being held THE WEEKEND AFTER THE SUPER BOWL!! The dates are:

  • Thursday, February 7: Weigh-ins, hotel check-ins
  • Friday, February 8: Wrestle, staggered starts
  • Saturday, February 9: Wrestle, staggered starts
  • Sunday, February 10: Hotel check-out, WRESTLE