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War at the Shore Folkstyle Nationals - SHORE WAR!


ShoreWar on FloWrestling

2017 War Tournament Results

Boys Tournament


Girls Tournament


Girls War OW

Aubre Krazer, Elementary 63

Adults Tournament


2018 War Starts In...


2017 War At The Shore - 3 Events In One...

2018 War Registrations Open on Dec 1, 2017!

1) BOYS - Open to Boys and Girls (Friday & Saturday)

2) GIRLS - Open to Girls Only (Friday)

3) ADULTS - Open to Post HS adults (Saturday)

ALWAYS Easter Friday and Saturday...

NEXT WAR: March 30 & 31, 2018


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War at the Shore Folkstyle Nationals - SHORE WAR!!

The 14th Annual War at the South Jersey Shore Folkstyle Nationals wrestling tournament is IN PROGRESS!! As always, the War is contested on Easter Friday and Saturday, Once again, we will include a GIRLS DIVISION and an ADULTS DIVISION. Further details on the Girls and Adults divisions are available now.

We had close to 2000 of the finest wrestlers in the country make their way to the Jersey Shore in Wildwood, NJ for the War. The tournament was once again held in the fabulous Oceanfront Arena at the Wildwoods Convention Center in Wildwood, NJ. The Co-Ed War tournament is for Pre-K to 12th grade wrestlers ( girls & boys together) split across two competition sessions. The morning sessions (8:00 AM START BOTH DAYS) featured the Tot, Bantam, Midget and Junior age groups. The afternoon sessions (1:00 PM START BOTH DAYS) featured the Intermediate and High School age groups. GIRLS ONLY on Friday at 10:00; ADULTS on Saturday at 10:00.

NEW FOR 2017, ATTENTION PARENTS: Wrestlers eliminated on Day 1 can sign-up to wrestle 2 more matches on Day 2 (in a 4-man bracket)! We will make every effort to get 2 matches for wrestlers who register for Day 2's "Second Chance brackets. Wrestlers MUST register at Head Table prior to leaving their session.

Like last year, this year's tournament once again features the whole FloWrestling experience: FloArena tournament software, which allows the online wrestling public, as well as attendees at the arena, to follow all of the results REAL TIME ONLINE. People who couldn't make it to the tournament are able to view live streaming from EVERY MAT on the Internet this year!

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